Last night Gary, Jon, and me stayed up all night working on Gold Rush. We got a lot done: menus, how-to-play, islands, minor bugs, server functions to build and update data base, JSON serializing and de-serializing on the client,  and a lot more. In the end we have a decent product. The game works most of the time and the server is up and running, but integrating the 2 was not able to be done. I put a lot of work into this and  hope I can finish next quarter. I learned a lot about python, SQLAlchemy, databases, openshift,  and many other useful tools. I hope I can improve my skills with them over the next couple of months.


Finals week was super busy. Studying for my final in Programming Language Concepts; Working on Cubes in Space and Gold Rush. Everything is coming together, but its going to be hard to get through with week successfully. Overall I learned a lot this quarter from interpreters and parsers to github and python. Overall it was a good quarter hopefully I can finish off strong.

Yesterday I met with my professor Ralph Bean and discussed a good MVC implementation for a game I am working on called Gold Rush. He was more than helpful spending a lot time explaining and implementing the code base for Gold Rush’s server back-end. The goal is to get a playable game on Facebook by the end of the quarter (March 3). I am shooting for: Facebook integration and all the goodies that come with it; timed turn based play; users having multiple persistent games on the server at once; a fun game to play with your friends. There is still a lot of work to be done. The client game still needs to be finished. It is about to reach its first digital playable prototype. The server back-end is just in the beginnings, but with the help of Bean we have a solid structural base to build of off.

Today I am working on anything I can from the server back-end in Gold Rush to the networking in Cubes in Space. Both games I am excited for and am looking forward to seeing their completed versions. I also have homework from Programming Language Concepts. Now that we switched to PROLOG away from Scheme, parsers, lexers, interpreters, and type-systems I have slowly lost interest in the class. Never the less implementing a derivative function in PROLOG is kinda cool…. 🙂

Today, just like yesterday, is going to be spent in the lab having group meetings for Cubes in Space and Gold Rush.  Both games are coming along and I can’t wait to see later iterations of them. I’m trying to wrap my head around declarative programming since I started to program some basic PROLOG other day for my Programming Language Concepts class.

Over the last week I set up a basic Facebook web app that uses the MVC architecture to keep a database of users that has logged in. It’s not much but it is the perfect stepping stone to start getting my hands dirty.

Been really busy lately with class projects, personal projects, events, and interviews. But I did  still managed to attend the hack-a-thon as well. Right now on my plate I have: Cubes in Space (own idea) — networked game; Gold Rush(own idea) Virtual Version — unity card game;  SpeedBlock(own idea) — windows phone version; Call-by-name language — implemented in scheme; Web app — facebook and servershift integration. To top it all off I’m also playing FarmVille and other Zynga games preparing for my interview in San Fran. So overall I’m pretty busy right now, but with a little scheduling it all can get done in due time.

So after a lot of reading and researching about html, CSS, JavaScript and jquery I was able to combine and add jquery event listeners to the examples in out textbook Making Isometric Social Real-Time Games with HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript.  I also considered game ideas that could be built off this code base. Thanks to Gary for the mouse wheel plugin link.


  • took out javascript <script> tags and put them in .js file — to make OO
  • combined examples 13 and 14 — to make buildings and tool controls
  • converted event handling to jquery — that is how we do
  • changed images of tiles I created — possible idea brainstorming

To Do

  • replace the style attribute manipulation on DOM elements
  • make more modular — some stuff can be separated

git some:

For my first bug I decided to contribute to FlashPunk, an engine I have used to prototype some of my game ideas in the past. I found a division by zero error bug related to interpolating through an array of lines and decided to do it. This would be easy I though and “solved” what I thought the blogger was talking about and committed a patch that resolved the division by zero. Shortly after another user,  BlckNight, committed a fully correct update to the bug. I had not tested / explored the class to understand its full functionality and my solution only solved the problem relevant to the post. This solution caused other problems with more extensive use of the class! It was stupid of me to not fully study the functionality of the class and test all use cases.  This lesson will soon not be forgotten….

//my commit